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August 20, 2014

CRM Featured Articles

Customer Experience 2014: How to Influence and Win Customers

Want to really please your customers? Step away from technology for a minute and go old school. (Featured on


Win Over Consumers with Intelligent, Targeted Marketing

Choose the latest technology over hit-or-miss efforts.


How to Master the Mobile Mind Shift

It's all about adding utility to mobile moments.

Is Kid-Targeted Marketing Unethical?

With children going online more often, Internet advertising comes under scrutiny.

CRM Across the Wire

evolve24 and Sherpa Analytics to Merge

The merger of evolve24 and Sherpa Analytics will lead to a bigger and stronger big data analytics company.

CallTrackingMetrics Releases Keyword Spotting

Keyword spotting allows businesses to instantly act on and report on inbound phone calls without listening to a single recording. (Featured on

[24]7 Releases [24]7 Speech

[24]7 Speech blends predictive, omnichannel, and natural language technologies in one self-service solution. (Featured on

LeadSift Releases Audience Intent Miner to Bring Ad Targeting to Twitter

Audience Intent Miner lets marketers identify, understand, and target customers by demographics and psychographic data from Twitter.