• August 18, 2014

LeadSift Releases Audience Intent Miner to Bring Ad Targeting to Twitter

LeadSift today released Audience Intent Miner (AIM) to allow brands to reach consumers and deliver highly relevant messages on Twitter.

LeadSift's AIM identifies consumers who are in the market for specific products and services and then extracts demographic and psychographic data, allowing marketers to tailor the message to specific groups of people similar to Facebook Ad Targeting.

LeadSift's AIM allows marketers to identify, understand, and reach the in-market consumers from social media. The platform automatically groups consumers into distinct buying stages: Brand Awareness, Identification of Need, Consideration and Evaluation, and Post Purchase. These distinct buying groups allow marketers to understand and create highly relevant content to engage consumers throughout the entire buying journey.

As an example, LeadSift identifies that everyday in the United States 25,000 people are talking about buying a new car and that 11 percent of them are working moms that own a pet. A car brand that just won the top safety ratings can easily target in-market moms with content about their car-safety and spaciousness, tailored toward moms. LeadSift allows companies to gather information based on Twitter profiles and Tweets that they can use to not only target this specific customer, but to also to engage this customer through conversations about safety that might include a reference to being a working mom who owns a pet.

LeadSift's AIM offers the following capabilities:

  • Track consumers across the entire buying journey, from demand generation to fulfillment;
  • Analyze and filter from more than 100 consumer attributes;
  • Provide marketers with the ability to understand the buying audience in real time for cross-channel marketing efforts; and
  • Target customers with unique data gleaned from their profiles, Tweets, and networks.

"One of the challenges with advertising on Twitter is the lack of ability to target customers by demographics and psychographic data, because Twitter does not explicitly capture that information," said Tukan Das, CEO of LeadSift, in a statement. "Our mission is to make social into a significant revenue stream for global brands by allowing them to engage their customers with highly relevant messages and not irrelevant advertisements. Some of the early results we are experiencing have been phenomenal, with a direct response campaign for a retail e-commerce company showing a 47 percent decrease in CPA and conversion numbers comparable to Google Ads."

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