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October 30, 2013

CRM Featured Articles

More than Half of U.S. Consumers Have Switched Service Providers due to Poor Customer Service

There is a potential $1.3 trillion of revenue at play in the U.S., according to new research from Accenture. (Featured on

CorvisaCloud Introduces Expanded Cloud Contact Center Platform

The new CorvisaCloud boasts several new features and deep integration.

Nimble Delivers Social Relationship Management to Microsoft Office 365

New Nimble Contacts integration to Microsoft Outlook brings contact management, social selling, and intelligent insights across all Exchange email messages

Pinterest Raises $225 Million in Funding; Inks Deal with Getty Images

Pinterest's new partnership with Getty Images could open doors for advertisers.

Mutare Expands Its Contact Center Analytics and Reporting Solutions

The expanded practice includes contact center and unified communications platforms from Cisco, Avaya,, and Genesys.


Leverage Intelligent Contact Data to Strengthen Your Brand

Improving the contact process has the greatest impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals. Access to intelligent data can help make a call center more efficient and increase customer and contact center representative satisfaction.

The Challenge of the Mobile Web

Responsive and adaptive design: Which is right for you?


Starbucks: Building an Inspiring Brand

It's not just about the coffee.

Pint of View

What's Your Marketing Plan?

What we can learn from etymology and an ancient general