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August 28, 2013

CRM Featured Articles

HYFN Launches Social Media Management System

HYFN8 leverages proprietary technology, allowing marketers to listen, respond, and predict user behavior.

Study: Social is the Fastest and Most Reliable Customer Contact Channel

According to eDigital Research, social media is currently the only customer contact channel that guarantees a response from a brand.

IQ Services Contact Center Testing Products Get U.S. Trademarks

VC101, Virtual Customer, and Communications Intelligence Assessment granted protected trademark status.

Empathica Granted Patent for GoRecommend Social Media Advocacy Solution

GoRecommend identifies and mobilizes brand advocates to amplify online recommendations.


The Importance of Life Cycle Management

Identify opportunities to add value and meet customers' needs.

How to Understand and Nurture the Voice of the Employee

Companies would do well not to ignore their employees. By establishing a voice of the employee program, the enterprise can uncover valuable insight into customer behavior.


B2B Marketers Must Tackle Expanding Roles

New responsibilities extend beyond their original skill sets and training.

Making the Most of Social Media

Nike is the most "socially devoted" U.S. brand.