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August 19, 2013

CRM Featured Articles

Report Provides New Insight on Brand Influence over Buying Behavior

Consumers with a strong passive-stage bias consider fewer brands, MEC study shows.

Enacomm Unveils 4Cast, CRM Application to Predict Future Customer Behavior

The application unifies and customizes communications across multiple interaction channels.

Batchbook Unveils Drag and Go CRM Setup

Batchbook users can now drag in a file of contacts, setup custom contact profiles, and create lists, all in one step.

Expion and Ignite Social Media Partner to Offer Social Advocator Fan Application

Social Advocator opens a new line of communication between consumers and brands.

BT and Voxeo to Collaborate on Multichannel Hosted Self-Service Solutions

Using Voxeo solutions, BT will provide low-cost, low-risk, cloud IVR, and automated self-service solutions to its customers.


Where Are We Going with the Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants may differ in their capabilities, but their intent is to help manage data and applications on personal devices. They need to be multichannel and project business rules consistently across those channels.

How Automation Can Make Us More Human

Providing agents with automation offers streamlined service with a personal touch.


The Five Most Irritating Customer Service Statements

Research uncovers the phrases most hated by callers to customer service.

Voice of the Customer

Seven CX Jobs to Watch

Is there a place for you in this growing field?