• August 15, 2013

Batchbook Unveils Drag and Go CRM Setup

Batchbook has simplified the process of importing contacts by adding Drag and Go instant setup to help users create organized contact profiles and lists instantly.

Users can now just drag in a file to trigger an import of their contacts. Custom fields can be created on the fly to bring in every bit of information. Once a file is dragged in, users will have organized contact profiles full of contact details, custom info, and hooked-up social profiles, as well as an action-oriented list that can be used to stay in touch with any group of imported contacts.

"We asked ourselves, what is the easiest way for customers to get their contact data in to Batchbook? The perfect solution would be if users could just dump the info from various sources into the CRM and have it instantly transformed into organized and usable contact data. That is how we came up with Drag and Go setup," said Pamela O'Hara, Batchbook's CEO, in a statement.

The key to Batchbook's instant setup is its drag-and-drop importing. With it, any spreadsheet file saved in CSV or vCard format can be dragged from its folder right into Batchbook. This immediately starts the import process, where users can map custom information to current fields or create new ones with one click. Users can also create custom fields right when they import files.

Batchbook also creates new active lists for every import. Users can view these lists and take action from them. Some of the things that can be done from a list include sending an email, printing mailing labels, and exporting contacts to integration partners such as MailChimp, Eventbrite, Xero, and QuickBooks Online.

"Importing contacts is where it all starts for new users, and it’s also how our customers add new contacts from trade shows, conferences, and other events. We wanted to make the process as simple as possible," said Keri Calhoun, Batchbook's vice president of product development, in a statement.

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