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May 30, 2012

CRM Featured Articles

Oracle Acquires Cloud Marketing Platform Vitrue

The software maker that once dismissed cloud computing picks up another cloud vendor.

UpSellit Advances SmartAgent Automated Chat Technology with Compound Recognition Engine

New technology lets SmartAgent address multiple questions within one chat conversation.

Marketo Introduces Integrated Solution for Social Marketing Automation

Marketers can add a social word-of-mouth boost to all campaigns, create social promotions, and identify key social influencers to determine their impact on business results.

Tablets Trump Smartphones in Average Order Value

Retail study predicts heavier mobile usage, market appropriation


Chat Up Your Customers for Increased Web Sales

Next-generation live chat brings new levels of customer satisfaction.


There's Value in the Simple Things

Customers not only appreciate simplicity; they'll pay more for it too.

Greater CRM Adoption Predicted

A surge in cloud-based and multichannel customer interaction contributes to the uptick, but obstacles remain.