• May 24, 2012

UpSellit Advances SmartAgent Automated Chat Technology with Compound Recognition Engine

UpSellit, a provider of Web site abandonment solutions, today announced the release of the Compound Recognition engine for the SmartAgent chat platform.

SmartAgent has recovered more than 12 million online conversions for a wide range of online businesses with its proprietary automated chat technology. The addition of the Compound Recognition engine allows SmartAgent to better understand and address complex customer questions.

With a sophisticated natural language parsing engine and an advanced knowledge base architecture, SmartAgent automated chat campaigns assist abandoning site visitors to reduce Web site abandonment and provide valuable consumer insight. Prior to the integration of the Compound Recognition engine, SmartAgent could only identify and respond to one customer question at a time. When a customer input contained multiple questions or topics, SmartAgent would simply identify the best match and provide a single automated chat response. The Compound Recognition engine enables SmartAgent to recognize and intelligently address a customer who has asked multiple questions within a single chat input.

"We're very excited about the addition of the Compound Recognition engine to our SmartAgent chat platform," commented Chris Wampler, UpSellit's chief technology officer and co-founder, in a statement. "Over the years we've noticed a direct correlation between our SmartAgent's accuracy and the customer recovery rate. We are constantly expanding our clients' custom knowledge bases to improve accuracy, but the Compound Recognition engine has proven to instantly increase accuracy and enhance customer experience across all campaigns. During our Compound Recognition BETA test, we noticed a 2.2 percent average lift in recovered conversions and about a 13 percent increase in SmartAgent response accuracy."

After significant development and extensive BETA testing, SmartAgent can now effectively identify and address compound customer questions. When presented with a single customer input that contains multiple questions or topics, SmartAgent's automated chat engine will identify all appropriate responses. Marketers may now choose to either provide the single most relevant response followed by links to the additional responses or to have the automated chat agent send a series of responses to each of the customer's questions. As with all of SmartAgent's features and capabilities, clients are given complete control over how their SmartAgent will interact with their site visitors. Depending on the desired customer experience, marketers can choose the sequential approach to maintain the simulation of a live chat or the supplemental link approach for a transparent, automated chat experience.

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