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March 26, 2012

CRM Featured Articles

Moxie Releases Customer-Centric Enterprise Social Software

Spaces by Moxie brings internal collaboration and external communication channels into a single suite.

MailChimp Expands Its Zendesk Integration

The new integration simplifies the update process displaying MailChimp subscriber information in the Zendesk interface.

EasyAsk Debuts Mobile Quiri Platform

Corporate mobile app combines voice, search, mobile display, and interactions.

VirtuOz Launches Micro-Agents

Special purpose micro-agents allow companies to experience the immediate value of virtual agents.

KnoahSoft and Esnatech Partner on Advanced Unified Communications and Contact Center Software

The combination is expected to help enterprises increase employee productivity and mitigate regulatory risk.


The Future of Customer Contact

What smart devices mean for the call center industry.


Social CRM Off to a Strong Start

2012 could prove favorable for capital investments and growth in the social sphere.