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November 30, 2022


The 5 Elements of a Customer-Centricity Model

Innovation, consistency, intimacy, empowerment, and purpose are key, PwC urges.

CRM Across the Wire

AWS Adds Even More AI to Amazon Connect Contact Center Suite

Amazon Connect receives an infusion of artificial intelligence for contact center forecasting, scheduling, capacity planning, agent evaluations, and more. (Featured on

GetResponse Introduces AI Product Recommendations

GetResponse's AI Product Recommendations help companies personalize email campaigns and website visitors' shopping experiences.  

Infinite Reality Launches Infinite Skybox, Infinite Showroom, and Infinite MainStreet for Metaverse Event and Shopping Experiences

Infinite Reality's new tools and services enable creators and companies to build immersive, social audience experiences and commercial opportunities

Babel Street to Acquire Rosette

Combining Babel Street's open-source, multilingual analytics software and Rosette's natural language processing will create a platform for risk mitigation, identity management, and threat intelligence.

CleverTap Launches CleverTap for Startups

CleverTap for Startups is an initiative to help smaller businesses improve user engagement and conversion rates with CleverTap.