• November 29, 2022

Infinite Reality Launches Infinite Skybox, Infinite Showroom, and Infinite MainStreet for Metaverse Event and Shopping Experiences

Infinite Reality, a metaverse entertainment and innovation company, is releasing Infinite Skybox, Infinite Showroom, and Infinite MainStreet, three plug-and-play virtual environments for live events and online shopping.

"We're excited to empower brands to upend the traditional, static, one-way viewership of events and online retail experiences," said Infinite Reality CEO John Acunto in a statement. "We're offering the next iteration of the internet with infinite potential for brands to connect with new audiences and deepen relationships with their committed fans by offering unique, engaging, and personalized social experiences, all while creating new opportunities for monetization. Infinite Reality is making that future happen today, by providing the necessary back-end tools, analytics, content moderation, and user management capabilities."

Infinite Skybox is an interactive environment where fans connect. It combines streaming content, commerce, and social features like video and text chat, friend lists, and commenting. Audiences can share streamed content, from concerts to sporting events to film premieres and awards shows, in real time. Fully customizable, it offers re-skinning and branding tools and comes standard with multiple streaming screens, live video/audio proximity chat, an NFT gallery, ecommerce/merchandise store, and socialization areas.

Infinite Showroom provides interactive virtual storefronts, interactive product showrooms and galleries, live sales associate interactions, screens for product presentations, and live video chat. It brings in-person sales assistance to online shopping, connecting customers to live salespeople to answer questions, match pricing, and close deals in real time via video, audio, and text chat.

    Infinite MainStreet provides a virtual entertainment and shopping district where companies can drive value by monetizing adjacency with other companies, influencers, and celebrities. Combining the content streaming power of Infinite Skybox with the commercial possibilities of Infinite Showroom, Infinite MainStreet let companies host simultaneous events, from concerts and sporting events to award shows, festivals, and film premieres, in a commerce-rich environment.

    "We believe the world is hungry for an approach to web3 based on real-world use cases and authentic, transparent engagement," said Elliott Jobe, chief innovation officer of Infinite Reality, in a statement. "Our product suite restores sovereign data ownership while accelerating and amplifying the value chain between audiences, creators, and brands."

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