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October 26, 2022


4 Tips for Rethinking Agent Training

Companies that provide learning and mentoring opportunities to contact center agents have more engaged employees and struggle less with recruitment and retention. (Featured on

Voice of the Customer

CX is Getting More Complex. Are You Ready?

Heightened customer demand is creating new issues and driving the creation of new tools.

CRM Across the Wire

Alida Launches Conversational Surveys

Alida's Conversational Surveys are part of the Fall 22 release of Total Experience Management.

DRUID Launches Conversational Business Applications

DRUID today launched Conversational Business Applications (CBA), a platform that connects conversational artificial intelligence, automation, and critical enterprise systems.

Contentsquare Partners with Level Access

Level Access will add accessibility insights to Contentsquare's digital experience analytics.

Prove Launches Prove Auth for Passwordless Identity Authentication

Prove Auth simplifies the digital customer experience while protecting from fraud.

NICE Launches FluenCX

NICE's FluenCX is a complete suite of digital CX solutions harnessing data and AI to deliver intent-driven self-service. (Featured on

Relay Launches Relay IQ to Customize Customer Feeds

Relay IQ uses machine learning to tailor feed content to customers.