• October 24, 2022

Relay Launches Relay IQ to Customize Customer Feeds

Relay Network, a provider of cloud feed technology, today launched Relay IQ, a machine learning engine that tunes and targets feed content.

Relay IQ leverages the intelligence methodology of social media feeds, which sorts content based on customer data and interaction data, and adapts it for B2C engagement.

Key features of Relay IQ include tjhe following:

  • Metered Timing, allowing users to open their feeds only when they contain experiences that are important and relevant to their individual journeys.
  • Relevant Experiences, which structures the feed based on personal attributes.
  • Learned Optimization, which learns and adapts continuously based on customers' previous interactions.

"Relay IQ enables leading B2C organizations, such as banks and health payers, to intelligently serve up relevant content for the customer on the familiar feed format, combatting the growing disengagement dilemma and creating opportunities to develop meaningful customer relationships," said Matt Gillin, CEO and co-founder of Relay, in a statement. "What it ultimately powers are mutually beneficial outcomes for both the customer and the business."

Relay IQ also contains the following three core elements:

  • the Relay Feed, a scrollable and engaging mobile format;
  • the Relay Experience Cloud, a repository of curated content that populates customers' feeds; and
  • Relay IQ, the intelligence engine driving the engagement.

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