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May 16, 2022


An Efficiency Approach Leads the Contact Center Evolution

Efficiency is the new standard in corporate contact centers. Gone are the days of the "Dilbert workforce." (Featured on

Relationship Marketing and the Art of the Post-Purchase Marketing Funnel

The sell doesn't end after the sale. Here's what agencies should do to keep customers engaged and invested in their products.

Front Office

Adapt to Gain an Advantage

Given our current economic uncertainty, companies naturally want to make sure that every dollar spent is producing concrete returns.

CRM Across the Wire

Coveo Adds Customer Service Features

Coveo's new capabilities provide increased visibility into the customer journey. (Featured on

Sprinklr Partners with Twilio

Integration brings together Twilio voice and SMS technology with Sprinklr Modern Care. (Featured on

SAS Launches 360 Match

SAS 360 Match mitigates subscription fatigue for media companies.

ServiceNow Launches Service Operations Workspace, App Engine Management Center, and Public Sector Digital Services

ServiceNow innovations advance digital business and public sector customer experiences at scale.

Bright Pattern Launches Remote Assist

Bright Pattern's Remote Assist lets one user take control of another user's desktop to resolve issues. (Featured on

Oracle Brings Its Unity Customer Data Platform (CDP) into Oracle Service

Oracle offers service agents a unified view of the customer with Oracle Fusion Cloud Unity CDP integration. (Featured on

Zendesk Launches Conversational CRM and Employee Experience Solutions

Zendesk solutions put conversations at the center of CRM and help businesses deliver modern, personalized experience for today hybrid workers.