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May 02, 2022


“Hello, AI Speaking. How Can I Help You?”

Modern artificial intelligence has the potential to improve contact centers on so many levels. (Featured on

Voice of the Customer

Don’t Break Down Silos!

Instead, unify them around customer experience.

CRM Across the Wire

Qualtrics Launches Social Connect

Qualtrics Social Connect provides a A single unified inbox for customer interactions over social media, messaging apps, email, and text. (Featured on

Salesforce Introduces Developer Tools for Slack, Tableau, and other Apps

Salesforce at its TrailblazerDX event introduced an expanded Flow automation suite and Slack and Tableau developer tools. Launches Dynamic Agents bolstered its Marketplace with pre-built Dynamic AI Agents. (Featured on

Pindrop Expands VeriCall with Fraud-Risk Scoring

Pindrop's new PIN Score adds passive authentication capabilities and actionable intelligence to help detect high-risk callers.

Seismic Introduces the Seismic Enablement Cloud

Seismic Enablement Cloud is a unified insights platform for go-to-market teams.

Validity Introduces Everest Elements for SMBs

Validity's Everest Elements is an email marketing platform for smaller companies.

Avaya Adds Virtual Agent to OneCloud

Avaya Virtual Agent is available as a configurable service within Avaya OneCloud. (Featured on