• April 28, 2022

Pindrop Expands VeriCall with Fraud-Risk Scoring

Pindrop's VeriCall Technology now offers fraud risk analysis from the Pindrop Intelligence Network (PIN) to enhance its passive authentication technology and fraud detection capabilities. VeriCall users can turn to risk scores to reduce security questions and one-time passcodes for more callers and leverage new insights to respond to high-risk interactions in real time.

With the combination of VeriCall Technology and PIN Score, trusted calls can receive expedited service, where increased friction can be reserved only for callers that carry the highest risk.

The VeriCall API analyzes calls in 60 milliseconds and can now provide two scores through a single endpoint; one score validates the phone number on the caller ID (or detecting when it is spoofed), and the other score can provide fraud risk assessment to help isolate bad actors.

"The ability to recognize and respond to both good and bad actors increases the security posture of a contact center," said Amit Gupta, vice president of product management, research, and engineering at Pindrop, in a statement. "VeriCall Technology is a simple and efficient solution to help our customers match the level of scrutiny applied to a call with the caller's risk profile. Pindrop has consistently found that its customers can provide passive, seamless authentication to over 90 percent of its callers without compromising security."

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