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July 26, 2021

CRM Featured Articles

Panasonic's Marketing Focuses on a New Customer Cohort

A new crop of consumers, called BETAs, challenges the norms of traditional marketing, Panasonic's marketing VP explains.


Empathetic Customer Experience Is Why Phones Lines Aren’t Going Anywhere

Consumers today are comfortable using digital channels to solve customer service issues, but phone lines will persist as a standard method for reaching businesses, especially for resolving customer service problems. (Featured on

Data Enablement and the Dirty Secret Behind Automation

Everyone claims to be data-driven these days, but there's a difference between being merely "informed by data" and being truly data-driven.

CRM Across the Wire

SmartCommerce and Resonate Partner

SmartCommerce clients can now unlock deep insights on their e-commerce audiences and performance through Resonate's consumer intelligence.

3CLogic and ScreenMeet Partner to Enhance ServiceNow’s Omnichannel Capabilities

The 3CLogic-ScreenMeet partnership complements ServiceNows digital channels with integrated voice and video capabilities. (Featured on

Ketch Launches Ketch OTC Free

Ketch is helping businesses with customer data privacy compliance through Ketch OTC Free.

Gryphon Networks Rebrands as

Gryphon's rebranding showcases its new artificial intelligence capabilities. Launches Conversation Intelligence App Within Zoom Meetings's Zoom Meetings app brings real-time relationship context to virtual meetings.

CXInfinity Integrate Videos Chat with Cisco Finesse Contact Centers

CXInfinity's video chat offering lets companies move back and forth between text and video conversations. (Featured on

Scratchpad Introduces One Workspace for Calendar, Notes, and Salesforce

Scratchpad now lets sales reps access and Update Salesforce records from their calendars.