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November 2008

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Generational Spending: A Special Report

Every consumer belongs somewhere. And spends accordingly.

Act Your Age! {Consumers Do.}

A visual look at the numbers that affect the numbers.

Who, What, Where, When, Y

The members of Generation Y are young, they're smart, and they're paving (if not paying) their own way. So who's following whom?

The Slackers’ X-cellent Adventure

Generation X has a reputation for aimlessness, but, in truth, its members are concerned about the future—and they're using their resources accordingly.

The Boomer Boom

Revolutionary from the day they were born, Baby Boomers will continue to dictate—with their wallets—how they're targeted by marketers.

The Matures Endure

They're sticking around longer—that means their spending money has to last as long as they do.

Front Office

Voting with Their Wallets

Voters are also customers, and customers vote with their cash.

Reality Check

Technology and the Digital Client

A new reality emerges for the people-process-technology mix.

Customer Centricity

A Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Business continuity and disaster recovery are often overlooked.

The Tipping Point

Six Sigma: What Went Wrong?

A 60 percent failure rate suggests that process change requires behavior change.


Gather the Tools for Customer Engagement

Social media is changing the face of CRM. Are you prepared?

Pint of View

Captive Audiences

When you only get one side of a story, are you really getting what you need?


Working with the Years

In a multigenerational workforce, knowledge transfer becomes an ever-more-complicated challenge.

Virtual Spenders

Personas, avatars, and social communities will drive spending in 10 years.

Contact Centers Chatting to Success

No longer simply a forum for teens, chat is becoming an integral part of the cross-sell, upsell, and support strategies run by customer service.

Market Focus: High-Tech -- The Complexity Chasm

As high-tech companies seek new directions, is the customer experience falling through the gap?

Required Reading: In Demography, Size Does Matter

Demographics is all about numbers, and numbers determine the size of your potential market.

CRM on Twitter: November 2008

The financial crisis -- and the customer service issues it raises -- makes itself felt on Twitter.

Feedback: November 2008

Readers sound off on the real reasons behind poor service.


Boosting Productivity North of the Border

By streamlining workflows with Antenna Software's AMPower Service, Pitney Bowes Canada found more time for customer calls.

Changing the Channel

A DirecTV reseller gets bigger, fast.

Invicta’s Thrill of Victory

A dealer of wireless products and service conquers the agony of weak processes with LongJump.

Secret of My Success

A Batch of Delicious Data

Fairytale Brownies cooks up an error-proofing solution with Experian QAS.


Tech Solution: Predictive Analytics Tools

Business Problem: Identifying future trends and behaviors to boost business.

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