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June 2006

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E-commerce Best Practices Make Perfect

CRM magazine presents what some of the best minds in the industry have to say.

7 Strategies for Partnering With Outsourcers

Overlooking these simple partnership practices may scrap any hope of delivering a seamless customer service experience.


VoIP protocol SIP's potential in the contact center comes with both benefits and caveats.

Front Office

Where the Value Lies

The affluent are not the only ones craving premium experiences.

Reality Check

Transitioning to the NetGen Environment

6 steps smart companies are taking today to compete.

Customer Centricity

Selling Is All About the Setup

New technologies help improve sales processes, but companies are not focusing enough on fundamentals.

The Tipping Point

The Promise of Digital Advertising

New opportunities exist for nimble CRM marketers.


Kana Comes Home

Perhaps Michael Fields's most intriguing decision was to bring outsourced engineers back in-house.

Old-School Entertainment Is Still in Session

How to keep it fresh and inviting in an age of home theater and game consoles.

How Many Clicks Does a Click Fraud Make?

As invalid click percentage projections oscillate, it is important to stay focused on fraud identification and filtration.

Market Focus: Retail: How (and Where) May We Serve You?

Big-box stores are putting the multichannel remote control in consumers' hands.

Dialing Up Financial Services

Amdocs tailors a dynamic focus on banking solutions.

Statistically Speaking

destinationCRM Dashboard

The Pulse: How effectively does your company measure the impact of online campaigns?


Professional Courtesy

"Our customers increasingly expect specialization...."

How to Trust and Have Funnel

Avaya's deal registration now exceeds 12-month goals in 30 days, thanks to BlueRoads.

A Sign of the Times

CosmoCom helps hearing impaired callers stay connected.

Autobytel's Key to Automotive Success

A full-service car dealer turns to a marketing app to compete against large automotive service and repair chains.

Secret of My Success: Minimizing Customer Guesswork

A Swiss telecom provider uses customer analytics to gain foresight into its customers and keep retention rates high.


Tech Solution: Data Integration Tools

Business Problem: Customer data is scattered throughout legacy systems, preventing a company from fully leveraging it.

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