• June 1, 2006

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  • Speech Analytics Will Be Listening The use of speech analytics applications will grow in the contact center at a rate of 120 percent in 2006 and 100 percent in 2007, according to DMG Consulting's "2006 Speech Analytics Market Report." As of the end of 2004, only 25 speech analytics implementations were made in contact centers, and according to Donna Fluss, principal at DMG, by the end of 2005 only 250 were up and running. "It took a few years for vendors to adopt these solutions for businesses, but the market is coming into its own in 2006," she says. "[This year] is expected to be the first year of large-scale adoption of speech analytic solutions in contact centers."
  • NetSuite Episode 11: Revenge of the Suite As NetSuite launched the latest version of its on-demand CRM suite, NetSuite Version 11.0, CEO Zach Nelson portrayed his company as a brave rebel force fighting the evil empire of Darth Microsoft, Darth SAP, and Darth Wannabe (Salesforce.com). The suite continues the company's bid to capture the midmarket and contains a customizable business process platform, two new vertical products, and AJAX functionality in every part of the user interface.
  • Airlines' Customer Service Stays Grounded Customer service efforts are stuck on the tarmac, even as airline passenger volume continues to soar, a recent report states. It reflects performance in the previous calendar year, and says the quality of service was markedly lower in 2005 than in 2004. Furthermore, the study indicates that the overall caliber of service dropped in 2005 to its lowest point in the past five years.
  • Salesforce.com Makes a Mobility Move Salesforce.com has scooped up wireless apps tech company and Salesforce.com partner Sendia for $15 million in cash, to deliver on-demand functionality to the mobile workforce. Alex Klyce, Sendia president and COO, has been named senior vice president and general manager of the AppExchange Mobile Business Unit for Salesforce.com. Using the capabilities that it has acquired from the deal--Salesforce.com's first-ever acquisition in its seven-year history--the on-demand player also unveiled AppExchange Mobile, a platform that extends mobile capability to all AppExchange applications.
  • Return to Sender Four of five email marketers surveyed face significant challenges getting their emails delivered due to filtering by ISPs and corporate servers, according to new research from EmailLabs, a marketing solutions provider. About half the 415 marketing professionals who responded to the March 2006 survey stated that filtering is the biggest delivery challenge, with hard bounces and a lack of expertise or resources also listed as big problems. Despite this, only 10 percent of respondents said their single greatest email marketing concern for 2006 was improving deliverability. (For the full stories and more news, visit destinationCRM.com)
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