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June 2005

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A Century of Customer Love

Nordstrom is the gold standard for customer service excellence -- and, amazingly, word of mouth is its primary marketing tool.

100 Proven CRM Ideas, Part 1

...successful and disastrous: 90 bright ideas for your CRM strategy and 10 dim ones to avoid. Edited by David Myron

100 Proven CRM Ideas, Part 2

...successful and disastrous: 90 bright ideas for your CRM strategy and 10 dim ones to avoid. Edited by David Myron

Front Office

100 Reasons to Read This Issue

In honor of the 100th issue of CRM magazine we bring you 100 proven CRM ideas--90 great ones and 10 not-so-great ones.

Reality Check

A Little Help From Your Friends

A new crop of services firms helps solve data-related frustrations.

Customer Centricity

Workforce Optimization's Missing Link

Companies should strengthen their workforce optimization strategy with the addition of efficient agent selection tools.

Pint of View

It's Hard Out Here For a Manager

Celebrating the ultimate CRM professional.


Virtual Contact Centers Need Some Fine-Tuning

"It's a certain kind of person who can work on their own without a lot of interaction, communicate by email, and gather information on their own."

Fear and Loathing in the Database

A company's CRM system might make it vulnerable, but with risk comes opportunity.

Show Me Where It Hurts

The drug industry faces an uphill battle against counterfeiting, bootlegging, and eroding consumer confidence.

Statistically Speaking

Carrier Consolidation Continues

Wireless carriers must nurture existing customers, not just focus on attracting new ones.

Required Reading: Value Thy Customers

The Pulse: Which best describes your agent pool?

destinationCRM Dashboard

On the Scene: Understanding Hispanic Culture

A recent marketing conference reveals the need to reach multiple acculturation levels instead of targeting one large group.

Secret of My Success


M&As left remote access provider Tarantella in an information silo trance; a new CEO called on SalesLogix to cast a customer-centricity spell.

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