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July 2017

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7 Myths of Customer Experience (And Why They're Wrong)

Companies need to stop living in a fantasy world and start seeing things as they really are (through their customers' eyes)

A Common Sense–Based Approach to Account-Based Marketing

ABM is often misunderstood, so marketers need to develop a clear definition of the practice before deciding whether it's right for them

Better Field Service Tools Reduce Frustration

Technology upgrades are delivering happier customers and field service workers

Front Office

It’s Time to Get Your Vision Checked

The one-size-fits-all approach, whether with email, marketing, customer service, or any other customer-facing process, no longer works

Reality Check

The Next Big Thing in CRM—E-Commerce

Analytics and machine learning are changing the way we think about e-commerce and CRM systems

The Tipping Point

UX Can Make Your Business Disruption-Proof

User experience design is now a C-level imperative, whether executives get it or not

Scouting Report

WFM Solutions and Vendors Are Not All the Same

A buyer's guide for a market in which one size does not fit all

Pint of View

Vice Squad

The art of selling things that are bad for you

Customer Experience

Contextual Relevance Is Critical to Capturing Customers

They want information relevant to them, served up their way, not yours

Small Biz Buzz

Companies Must Heed the Voice (Literally) of the Customer

Voice-first technologies could soon be the engagement tool of choice


Consumers Unsubscribe for Many Reasons

Companies can address these issues with a customer-first approach across all channels

It’s the End of the Ad as We Know It

Organizations should shift spending from ad interruptions to branded relationships

Required Reading: Using Content to Reduce Friction

The middle of the funnel brings with it new opportunities

The 5 Ways Mobile Will Impact Retail

Mobile technologies will take employees out of back rooms and put them on the floor


Blue-9 Harnesses Its Resources with SAP Anywhere

An online pet product seller prepares to scale with SAP's front-office solution for small and midsize businesses

Investopedia Takes a New Marketing Tack with Sailthru

The financial website selected Sailthru to remodel its email newsletter program

Vacay Vendor Resorts to NewVoiceMedia for Better Service

ResorTime Speaks Directly to ‘Owners' with ContactWorld for Service

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