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November 2016

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Make CRM Smarter

Innovations in knowledge management make it easier for agents and customers to find information

Native Ads: Balance Brand Promotion with Compelling Content

With the right execution, native advertising can be an effective component of any marketing strategy

5 Hurdles to Clear on the Way to Sales Transformation Success

A list of barriers organizations should expect to encounter when stepping up their sales game

Front Office

Is CRM Getting Too Intrusive?

There's no end to how much business leaders are willing to scrutinize their employees

Reality Check

Forget Annual Reviews: Use QA to Appraise Agents

Contact center staff can get timely feedback—and will stay more engaged

The Tipping Point

Is Customer Immersion the New Customer Engagement?

With augmented and virtual reality, customers can have immersive experiences with brands

Scouting Report

Speech Analytics Can Help Alter the Service Paradigm

To create outstanding and personalized experiences for customers, you have to know them

Pint of View

For the Record, Integrated CRM Is Getting Closer

Writing is in everything we do, but we still need to unify systems of record and engagement

Customer Experience

With CX, Engaged Employees Mean Everything

A customer-focused culture starts with people who feel good about their work


Advocate Marketing Has Four Personality Types

Knowing where customers fall can improve contacts with them and their followers

Apple, Google, Verizon, and Others Join Fight Against Robocalls

The federal government is asking the industry to do more to thwart automated marketing calls

Google Cracks Down on Intrusive Ads

Pop-up ads will drop companies in Google search listings

Required Reading: Searching for Jobs to Be Done

Companies must actively anticipate customer needs, rather than wait to hear what they are

Retailers Need a Social Media Makeover

Many merchants are not capitalizing on the opportunities social media presents


MedPro Stops Wasting Leads with Velocify

The medical waste management firm's new platform keeps a lid on promising sales opportunities

PuzzleSocial Pieces Together Winning Engagement with Tapjoy

Its crossword app sees a rise in revenue and retention using the monetization platform

Zang Sends the Right Message for OwnerListens

The communications platform helps keep OwnerListens in the conversation

The Next Step

Freaking Out Over Customers Is Not a Lifestyle

Get real about the false foundation of stress

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