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April 2015

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Text Takes Precedence as a Customer Service Preference

A new generation of consumers prefers short message service to other ways to reach agents.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Peek into the Future

A symbiotic relationship is key to a successful business intelligence ecosystem.

How to Select a CRM System

Whether it's your first solution or your fourth, these tips will help make the vendor selection process easier.

Front Office

The 4 Core Components of CRM

It's time to make knowledge one of the essential components of a successful CRM strategy.

Reality Check

The Power of the Platform Is in the Integration

Software puts a wide-angle lens on the business process.

The Tipping Point

Reap the Rewards of Purpose Activation

Spark employee passion with a values-based culture.


Why Journey Mapping Wastes Time and Money

When you build a path, make sure it's one customers will use.

Pint of View

Designing Humor: IKEA Mocks Apple

Our consumerist obsession values hype over innovation.

Customer Experience

Social CRM in Action

Businesses discover the value of social communities.

Small Biz Buzz

SMBs See Strength in Intimacy

Context relevancy transforms interactions into experience.


The Switching Economy Hits Home

Poor customer service accounts for most company defections.

Will Apple's Smart Watch Boost Business?

The wearable device can track users' movements, prompting interest from marketers.

Snapchat Is All Grown Up and Ready for Marketers

The app delivers unique ad experiences through Brand Story and Discover platforms.

Mobile Sales Force Automation Apps Are Set to Soar

As prepackaged SFA solutions are made easily available, businesses are expected to increase adoption.

Can Chat Apps Stimulate Mobile Commerce?

With applications from Line and WeChat taking hold, companies vie for a piece of the e-commerce pie.

Required Reading: The Captivology of Branding (Video Interview)

Marketing is an art, but capturing attention is a science.


VoltDelta Is the Right Prescription for Rx Outreach

The multichannel cloud contact center solution provides IVR, agent infrastructure, and automated prescription reminders for a mail-order pharmacy.

Fox Entertainment Engages Twitter Audiences with Speakr

The company turned to the platform's influencer community to generate buzz for a movie's premiere.

Athenahealth Increases Engagement with Force Management's QStream Platform

The learning-based gamification program teaches reps better sales techniques.

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