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January 2013

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5 Emerging Sales Productivity Tools

New social, mobile, and collaborative tools help sales teams close more deals.

Boost Brand Advocates and Social Media Influencers

How to help these groups help your company shine.

Building an Impenetrable Cloud

Companies concerned about data security have more hybrid (public and private) cloud computing options.

Front Office

Remove Avoidable Customer Obstacles

Companies looking to improve user adoption should remove as many obstacles as possible for customers and prospects.

Reality Check

The Pros and Cons of Gamification

What works within companies might call for caution with customers.

The Tipping Point

Add Customer Satisfaction Through Analytics

Improve customer value to boost profitable growth.

Scouting Report

Why Contact Centers Are Moving to the Cloud

Low cost and flexibility make this a win-win solution for many enterprises.

Pint of View

Flying Colors?

Consider what your flight attendants can control before giving them attitude.

Customer Experience

The Emerging Integration of CEM and CRM

Mapping out a customer journey is a two-sided process.

Small Biz Buzz

Marketing Automation Goes Mainstream

As technology evolves, so must SMB strategies.


Cracking the Social Media Code

Here's how to make an impact.

Getting Closer to Customers Tops Big Data Agenda

Companies lack the skills to manage the barrage of information.

Pricing Gets Personal

Businesses experiment with prices based on consumer demographics and behavior.

Sandy Put Service to the Test

Insurers turned to mobile and social technologies to respond to the October superstorm.

SAS Ramps Up High-Performance Analytics

Premier Business Leadership Series 2012 foretells the future of big data.

Vendors Grow Their Partner Ecosystems

The integrated cloud app platform will be at top IT trend for 2013.


Adding Eyeballs with Video

Sports Unlimited gets an SEO boost and increases sales with help from Treepodia.

Brainshark Satisfies Hunger for Leads

Data.com helps deliver "the best possible audience" for marketing messages.

IVR Fuels Improved Customer Service for Propane Supplier

AmeriGas offers targeted, more efficient solutions with a speech-enabled phone system from Message Technologies Inc.

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