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October 2011

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Customer Satisfaction: Don’t Leave Work Without It

A contact center executive at American Express takes a holistic approach to support

Feedback from CSRs Spawns Relationship Care

Just What the Marketer Ordered

Beth Fagan creates a corporate brand for Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Marketing Muscle Extends to Satellite Hospital in Sullivan

Redefining IVR’s Role Pays Off

Front Office

CRM in ‘Pursuit of Shared Goals’

Responding in a way that is mutually beneficial to a company and its customers applies across the enterprise

Reality Check

Trust Trumps Technology

What does the customer want? versus What does it cost?

Customer Centricity

All I Know Is That I Don’t Know Nothing

Blending knowledge management with customer service is critical

The Tipping Point

Harnessing Customer Experience Management Solutions

New software helps to handle multiple consumer touch points


New Paradigms Bring Value to Knowledge Management

The focus shifts from managing knowledge to empowering people to respond, as seen in online communities

Pint of View

Plus What?

Google dips its toes into social networking waters—again


Keynoter David Gergen Urges Leaders to Listen

The CNN analyst and former presidential adviser identifies mobilization, persuasion, and trust as critical qualities

Social Media Expands the Role of the Customer

But conference panel warns against sacrificing the basics

Accommodate the Changing Customer

Technology, not philosophy, has altered consumers' expectations

SMBs to Become More Mobile and Competitive

Better connections with customers and more efficient use of resources will drive future IT investments

The (Old) Rules Do Not Apply

Traditional standards of database marketing will be retailers' downfall

Foursquare Searches for Revenue Streams

The company plans to start charging merchants for customer data

NFL Flexes CRM Muscle

Not even a threatened cancellation of the season could deter football's loyal customers


Aetna Members Get Ann-swers

The insurer's virtual assistant engages more than 2 million chats, helping ferret out information on benefits, costs, and more

Tracking Medical Treatments in Real Time

IBM Business Analytics is not only empowering physicians to rate their performance but also teaching them how to improve it

The Doctor Gets a Social Prescription

YouBeauty enlists Extole to launch a social media campaign

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