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April 2010

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Going Green, Saving Green

No matter what your company's environmental motivations may be, the bottom line is still the bottom line.

10 Efforts to Make You Green (With Envy)

Think a green initiative is either too lofty a goal or too difficult to pursue? These 10 companies would be quick to disagree.

Turning Green on the Ocean Blue

Marketing the New Green

Companies should be rightly proud of their environmental improvements. So why can't they market those achievements without seeming mercenary?

6 Ways to Promote Green Marketing

Serenity Edwards, director of corporate and social responsibility at the Direct Marketing Association, describes the top six trends in "going green."

Jetting to Greener Pastures

JetBlue's all-you-can-jet promotion was a monster success—but the airline may have to follow a different flight plan with its new environmental campaign.

Hither and Yon

Over the course of his journey with JetBlue's All-You-Can-Jet pass, Eric Barkin crisscrossed the country—10 flights to 8 cities in 30 days. We've adapted his travelogue here, but you can read the full version on our blog at http://sn.im/dcrmblog-aycj.

Front Office

Green Strategies Are a Go

Reality Check

Your People Are Half the Battle

You have a simple choice: Prepare your people or prepare for failure

Customer Centricity

6 Steps to a "Greener" Contact Center

What it means for the contact center to focus on the size of its carbon footprint.

The Tipping Point

Customer Service Gets SaaSy

The contact center can finally benefit from software-as-a-service.

Pint of View

Hear Kitty Kitty

Think CRM with your customers is complex? Try it with your cat sometime.


Generation Green

Why Gen Y and the Millennials are greener than you'll ever be.

Market Focus: Consumer Packaged Goods — From Organic Goods to Sustainable Ones

A saturated market for organic packaged goods has sprouted a new demand: sustainability.

Required Reading: Sustainability Is the Ultimate Business Practice

CRM on Twitter: April 2010

The denizens of the twittersphere tend to be passionate people already, and the social, political, and cultural sensitivities of the environmental movement only serve to add fuel to that fire.


Classroom in the Clouds

An Arizona State University outreach program cuts costs and carbon by going virtual.

Mail Model of the Year

U.S. Bank accrues savings by only pitching customers who aren't already likely to show interest.

What Wood You Do?

Building products distributor BlueLinx does its part for preservation.

Secret of My Success

Saving Trees, One T-Shirt at a Time

Customers at Stanford University's student store no longer have to receive receipts.


Re:Tooling — Speech Analytics: Seeking What's Inside

Why speech analytics is starting to get a little more than recognition.

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