CRM on Twitter: April 2010

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The denizens of the twittersphere tend to be passionate people already, and the social, political, and cultural sensitivities of the environmental movement only serve to add fuel to that fire. 

CRM magazine may still print on paper, but we’re firm believers in the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra: We’ve reduced the page count in this month’s issue, and we hope you’ll reuse the magazine by passing it along, urging your peers to recycle it when they’ve run out of hands to pass it along to. You can find us digitally as well, at www.twitter.com/CRM; blogs and live-twittering appear at www.twitter.com/destinationCRM. Reach us directly by starting your tweet with @CRM.


Samsung C&T opened Green Tomorrow, which is the first zero energy house in Korea.


Consumers rein in impulse buys- so cut your merchandising budget? #retail #marketing http://snipr.com/mc0223


Finally! The word on the Pacific Garbage Patch is getting out. This is a great video if you’ve never heard of it http://snipr.com/jen0216

@OliviaZaleski [CNN reporter]:

Intrsting how China has leapfrogged West to be world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels. Recently did piece on this: http://snipr.com/oz1209


student activists got personal phone calls from a Trader Joe’s VP on sustainable seas... have we made u mad @traitorjoes?


Trader Joe’s Road Show: student activists got nearly 100 customers today to call TJ's & demand sustainable seafood! @Traitorjoes


Wow. Ocean acidification will increase sub-marine clamor to point it might affect cetacean communication.


Why the Sustainability Movement Cannot Sustain Itself - hmmmm http://snipr.com/el0225

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