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November 2009

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The Next Billion: A CRM Magazine Special Report

In 1999, Marc Benioff's Salesforce.com went looking for the end of software, and a decade later found its first billion-dollar year. Now it's looking for the next billion.

The 10-Year Timeline

A look back at the peaks and valleys (and more peaks) of Salesforce.com's first decade.

After the Revolution

Salesforce.com was careening toward bankruptcy. Even Marc Benioff secretly feared his company's days were numbered. But then revenues picked up — and the revolution began in earnest. He's shown he can topple an industry — but can he lead one?

The Cloud Pleaser

Marc Benioff has upended the CRM industry with his vision, service, marketing prowess, and tenacity

Salesforce.com's Secret Weapon

V2MOM: The management process that Marc Benioff calls "the glue that binds us"

Cloudy, with a Chance of Reign

Salesforce.com made software-as-a-service its trademark—can lightning strike twice with cloud computing?

Required Reading: Cloud Formation

The coauthor of Marc Benioff's new book, Behind the Cloud, reveals the creation story behind the creation story

There's an App for That

The AppExchange, Salesforce.com's application marketplace, simplifies the selling process for developers and the buying process for users. What's the catch?

At Your Service, But Not Yet?

Analysts say Salesforce.com has only just begun to gain traction in customer service—and that the company will have to look beyond the cloud

Front Office

Salesforce.com: One Leader. One Decade. $1 Billion.

Salesforce.com has proven the importance of making sure its customers are successful.

Reality Check

The Man Who Moved a Paradigm

An evaluation of the changes wrought by Salesforce.com's Marc Benioff.

Customer Centricity

A Salesforce.com by Any Other Name

What do you do when your brand no longer reflects your offerings?

The Tipping Point

The Partner-Proliferation Problem

An on-demand CRM platform involves a partner-selection process as well.


Facebook Is the Future of CRM

Only social media can put the customer back into CRM.

Pint of View

Marc'ing Time in San Francisco

It's been 10 years since the founding of Salesforce.com, and CRM has never been the same.


The Vendor Vultures

CRM providers are like scavengers these days, eager to poach from a competitor's client list.

Sales Away into the Cloud

Software-as-a-service has expanded horizons—but your sales reps may ultimately need a unified solution.

They’ve Got Your Number

Enterprises now see the potential for telephone-enabling technologies and software-as-a-service to help capture the voice of the customer.

Market Focus: Pharmaceuticals -- CRM Undergoes an Experimental New Treatment

An older CRM vertical gets a new dose of on-demand technology.

CRM on Twitter: November 2009

What does the Twittersphere think of Salesforce.com?


All for One, and One for All

A special Salesforce.com edition of Real ROI.

Compensation Management with a Real Payoff

Open-source software provider Ingres commissions Xactly to automate incentives.

Selling to the Sales Experts

The Sant Corp. discovers that even expertise in sales-specific software can be bolstered by an integration with other sales-specific software.

Buzzer Beater

Comcast-Spectacor takes a shot—and scores more revenue for email campaigns—with Salesforce.com.

Secret of My Success

Be Nimble, Be Quick

Ingres sticks to the software-as-a-service model for cost savings and deployment flexibility.


Re:Tooling -- E-Signatures: Sign 'Em Up!

As companies look to cut costs and streamline operations, electronic signatures may be entering a renaissance period.

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