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January/February 2023

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Is Social Customer Care Ready for a Comeback?

Customer service over social channels failed once, and it still needs work in version 2.0.

Conversational AI Moves from Service to Selling

Long a contact center staple, conversational intelligence is moving into sales, and there's lots of money on the table.

Emotion Detection in Marketing Is About to Go Mainstream

Technology to detect and analyze emotional states has advanced significantly in the past year alone.

Front Office

Some CRM Advice for the New Congress

Consumer privacy and security should become big priorities.

Reality Check

2023 Is Not the Time to Underinvest in Sales Enablement

Cutting your way to revenue success in a down economy doesn't work.

Scouting Report

Interaction Analytics Helps Companies Hear their Customers

These solutions can be a company's eyes and ears on both customers and employees.

Customer Experience

2023: A Year of Reckoning for CX Programs

CX programs that help companies restart the CX growth engine—and have the data to prove it—will thrive, despite corporate belt tightening.

Voice of the Customer

Creating Customer Experiences That Amaze (and Don’t Suck)

There are many ways to craft—or undermine—a thrilling CX.


A Look Ahead at CRM in 2023

CRM industry experts share their thoughts about what lies ahead in the new year.

Real-Time Feedback Is Still a Major Problem for Most Companies

Only 37 percent of companies can collect and act on real-time input.

Required Reading: Complaints Are the Gifts That Keep Giving

When handled properly, complaints can offer real rewards.

When Will ChatGPT Be Ready for Business?

The AI chatbot shows promise, but it's not yet capable of customer interactions at scale.


A-dec Expands Its Internal Intelligence

eGain's AI Knowledge improves information access for agents and distributors.

Keeping Keap Pays Off for Lifeonaire

The life coaching organization reaps the rewards of Keap's marketing solutions.

The Next Step

Making Work Worth It

How to get people to want their jobs.

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