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May 2009

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Selling Out

Have retailers, desperate for survival, abandoned their commitment to the customer experience?

In More Ways Than One

Companies recklessly adding new channels for service outreach risk damaging the customer experience.

Decisions, Decisions

Neither your best guess nor your gut instinct is good enough anymore. Fortunately, with enterprise decision management, the technology and methodology now exist to help you reach a better conclusion.

The Psychology of the Sale

There's a lot going on inside the customer's head, whether you put it there or not. What are salespeople up against?

Front Office

The Stressed-Out Customer

Stress levels brought about by the economy are making people more combative in their everyday lives.

Reality Check

Don’t Confuse Implementation with Adoption

Just because CRM deployments have spread doesn't mean they've succeeded.

Customer Centricity

Will Customer Service Be Another Casualty of the Recession?

In a tight economy, companies try to cut operating expenses wherever they can.

The Tipping Point

To SaaS or Not to SaaS?

That is the question. (The answer may surprise you.)

Scouting Report

Workforce Optimization Is the Optimal Goal

Helping contact center managers achieve four primary goals.

Pint of View

Your Savings Are My Services

Think about what you're giving off when you're giving in to pressure.


Workforce Optimization Rises Above the Recession

Automating and optimizing work processes will boost the market for the foreseeable future.

Twitter on CRM

CRM vendors are beginning to find ways to put the microblogging marvel to work -- for themselves and for their users.

Skittles: A Rainbow of Social Media Marketing

The candy brand integrates its messaging across Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere on the social graph.

Shopping On the Go

Why mobile shopping—"m-commerce"—is finally getting a move on.

Required Reading: Short and Sweet

Being a shortcut means enhancing your value to those around you.

CRM on Twitter: May 2009

How have retailers fared in the twitterverse?

Feedback: May 2009


Scoring with Fans

Retail had a bad season, but Wrigleyville Sports now finds itself safe at home.

I Want (and Get) My MTV!

Akamai Technologies needed to step up its Web-content delivery efforts on behalf of the music television network.

Partners Grow Routes

Intuit QuickBase helps TomTom navigate reseller deals.

Ringing the Opening Bell

A financial-trading facility gets a new recording system in less than two weeks—and saves $292,000.

Secret of My Success

Fandango Has Just the Ticket

Movie Web site and ticket retailer implements analytics to aid with internal reporting.


Re:Tooling -- Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Dial-Up Innovation

Speech-enabled interactive voice response systems now involve other customer channels.

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