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March 2009

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We the People

After years of lagging behind, government agencies are now expected to provide the same level of service as their private-sector counterparts. Can they catch up?

CRM and the iPhone

Mobile CRM has been around for years, but Apple's handheld device has upended everything. Now vendors are rewriting applications, companies are rethinking the BlackBerry's seeming stranglehold, and users are wondering what's next. The answer may be nothing less than a CRM revolution, and a chance for Apple to enter the enterprise.

Innovation Nation: 5 Marketing Campaigns for a New Generation

The country's in a turbulent period—a new administration, a recessionary economy—but these campaigns prove that creativity thrives in the face of change.

Looking to Score

Marketing gathers the leads; sales pursues them. It sounds simple. It isn't.

Front Office

Yes Pecan!

In tough economic times, people are forced to dig a little deeper.

Reality Check

2009-Era Sales Needs 2009-Era CRM

CSO Insights' Sales Performance Optimization '09: Barely half of all reps made quota last year. Something has got to change.

Customer Centricity

Top 10 Contact Center Goals

The contact center is part of a larger organization—and its goals must reflect that.

The Tipping Point

Risk-Proofing Your CRM Initiative

The problems occur where the benefits are.


The Tweet Is Mightier than the Sword

So speak softly and carry just 140 characters.

Pint of View

You Know What They Say…

Floggers of these bons mot need a punch in the bouche.


Stay Tuned

The switch to digital TV broadcasts is upon us—or is it?

Stimulating Citizen Experience

Could an infusion of Web 2.0 in the public sector change the way we view constituent service?

On the Scene -- National Retail Federation ’09: Retailers Face Reality

In today's economy, mere survival can become the primary goal.

Making Relationships Matter

As LinkedIn grows, what does the future hold for enterprise social networking?

Required Reading: Barack Wants You

A new book suggests that Barack Obama's presidential campaign—and his presidency—can teach the business world a thing or two about 2.0.

CRM on Twitter: March 2009

Government 2.0 comes to the Twitterverse.


The Virtual Welcome Mat

Eloqua extends the reach of its marketing message with some outside Web-event expertise.

A Tough Transition Made Easier

Assisted living is a growth industry, but one suffering from information overload.

A Training Regimen Gets Rigorous

Brainshark helps FitLinxx pump up customers' use of fitness technology.

A Battle Fought from Afar

With Axeda's help, Varian Medical Systems remotely tends to its cancer-fighting radiation-oncology equipment.

Secret of My Success

Automating the Personal Touch

A small direct-marketing business extends its operations with Infusionsoft CRM.


Re:Tooling -- Contact Management: Business-Card Shakedown

New applications allowing the electronic exchange of contact information—Web 2.0's answer to traditional cards, or not?

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