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June 2021

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Natural Language Works with More Than IVRs

Companies with high interaction volume can look to natural language understanding to help with the surge.

Tips for Battling Bias in AI-Based Personalization

Being aware of human flaws could lessen the chance of them becoming damaging technology flaws

The Keys to Identifying Underserved Markets

Data analytics, mapping software, social media tools, and personas help marketers identify new customer groups.

Front Office

The Latest CRM Innovations Prove That Words Truly Matter

Systems today allow customers to speak conversationally while natural language technology understands and processes their words.

Reality Check

Contact Centers’ Road Map to Success in the New Normal

The pandemic helped companies discover unforeseen and valuable possibilities


The 360-Degree Customer View Fallacy

Do we really need to know everything about customers?

Customer Experience

VR/AR: A Game Changer for Sales and Marketing

Virtual reality/augmented reality is poised to remake CX.

Voice of the Customer

Turn Your Customer Experience Process Around

Build buy-in with CX initiatives before you survey customers.


CX Doesn’t Have to Be So Expensive

Customer service costs rose during the pandemic, but now it's time to get back into savings mode.

Digital Marketing Challenges Move Within

Organizational difficulties will be the biggest hurdle in 2021, Gartner finds

Digital Sales Can’t Exclude Reps Completely

Companies can't rely on digital or human sales interactions alone, Gartner finds

Required Reading: Amazon Can Be Beat with the Right Focus

To compete with digital giants, identify and stick to a target market.

The CMO’s New Role: Change Leader

Customer-centricity will only happen with top-down changes, Forrester maintains,

The Five Ps of Sales Success

Sales leaders will need to emphasize purpose, precision, personalization, productivity, and profitability, Forrester advises.


Inkit Gets Its Data Flowing In

The company's customer data is onboarded properly with Flatfile

University Answers Queries Quicker with ServiceNow

The University of South Carolina handles more requests in less time with ServiceNow's CSM

The Next Step

Why Customer Service Is Getting Weird, and What You Can Do About It

Frustrated customers want to be listened to. But that culture of engagement doesn't just happen.

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