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Augie MacCurrach

Augie MacCurrach is the CEO of Boston-based Customer Portfoliosa marketing technology leader that uses insight and analytics to increase customer value.  You can follow Customer Portfolios at @CustPortfolios on Twitter.

Articles for Augie MacCurrach

Customer Data Platforms: Striving for a Single View of the Customer

To marketers trying to swim through a flood of disconnected customer data, a CDP can look like the life preserver needed for them to stay afloat. And if it is the real deal, it can be. Here's a look at the CDP field today.

Fixing Marketers’ Profit & Loss Dilemma: Reactivate ‘Lapsed’ Customers

Too many rescuable customers are escaping without being noticed. Marketers need to adjust their metrics to emphasize the incremental revenue these customers represent.

3 Customer-Centric Hurdles Marketers Need to Clear

Long an elusive goal, the concept of one-to-one marketing is becoming both more attainable and more critical to a business's long-term success. To get there, here are three obstacles to overcome.