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The World According to Tom

Why he is not the king of the customer. Why SAP and Oracle are lying. And why the ASP model won't work.

Let's Just Say TTFN

Leaders of the CRM Pack

Tom Siebel: We'll Embrace .Net

Future applications will support both J2EE and .Net for enterprise CRM

Active Decisions 7 Now Available

Company officially signs T. Rowe Price to use release in call centers

Mid-Market Message

Genesys rolls out Express IPCC, Commerce Route partnership to target booming arena

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Slowdown

Inch by Inch

Pivotal, Onyx move closer to profitability; sequential licensing revenue on the rise

VCs Open Wallets for Active Decisions

CRM developer raises $13.1M to expand marketing, sales efforts

Measuring Success and Failure

CRM Drives Real-Time Enterprise

Industry executives attending DCI CRM show push the strategy behind CRM

No Fear

Craig Conway stands firmly behind PeopleSoft and the CRM industry

Strong Leaders, Strong Market

To be a strong leader in today's demanding business climate takes honesty, integrity, intelligence, perseverance, vision, strong-mindedness, and more.

Marketing Campaigns Made Easier

If so, then ExactTarget is looking for you. The email marketing software vendor has just released ProConnect targeted at advertising and public relations agencies to round out its family of Connect products. The new release allows these agencies to build their marketing, consulting and creative design services around targeted emails, company executives say.

Gang War in the New CRM Promised Land

Pivotal, Chordiant Top Expectations

Siebel Reports 20% 1Q Sales Drop

A Big Splash with One Toe

TightLink Pushes Collaboration with Service 3.0

FirstWave Pushes eCRM 7.0

Consultants Deserve Respect

Adam Klaber sits atop a $1 billion-plus CRM practice at one of the world's biggest consultancies.

Upshot Reaches Higher With XE Launch

CRM Scores Big During Tech Turmoil

Most of the doubting Thomases throwing stones at the CRM industry should have been silenced during the past few weeks as industry leaders including Siebel Systems, PeopleSoft and Pivotal beat Wall Street expectations and more enterprises embraced CRM solutions.

CRM Consultants Join Forces

Siebel, Pivotal Report Financial Results

The Sky Is Not Falling, Chicken Little.

eCRM Forum Outlines Opportunities and Challenges

CRM needs to leverage the workforce for higher profits, noted one speaker.

CIOs Will Open Their Purses in 2002

IT spending will rise, but don't expect the floodgates to open.