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Advice From the Trenches: DirecTV

How DirecTV's knowledge base helps its geographically diverse call center agents dish out current information, consistently.

Baan Announces New OpenWorldX Platform

Scheduled for a September 2003 launch, OpenWorldX will support Gemini, code name for iBaan 6, the next generation of the iBaan suite of products, also scheduled for a September launch.

2002 Predictions: Experts Find the Silver Lining's Experts On Call look to 2002 with the following question in mind: How can businesses best reassess their products and strategies to move forward into 2002?

Siebel Promotes Constituent-driven Government

Is customer-based government an oxymoron? Siebel Systems doesn't think so.In May, Michael C. Maibach was appointed to the position of senior vice president of government affairs to begin educating and promoting Siebel products to the thousands of government agencies in the U.S. and around the world. Reporting directly to Thomas Siebel, Maibach plans to introduce the same multi-channel software solutions that the private sector enjoys into government agencies, enabling them to integrate their communications channels into a single customer view and report performance metrics in real time

A Mobile Solution That Carries its Weight

A new Bluetooth wireless e-tagging technology called BlueTags from a Denmark-based company of the same name may change how road warriors work. By attaching an e-tag to a briefcase, suitcase or portable PC, an airport employee or passenger will be able to track the object during its travels.

Expert Alert: A CEO's Guide to E-Business Strategy's panel of experts is the perfect place to cull practical wisdom in troubled times. During the month of March we challenged twelve members of our panel to suggest several strategies businesses can adopt to keep customer initiatives on track while weathering the economic downturn. Not surprisingly, a prevalent message was "back to basics." But not just old basics--new basics as well.

Web Extra: The Great Dot Com Firesale

This Q&A with Dovebid Vice President Daphne Li was written to accompany "Dovebid Bets its Assets on E-Business" from the May 2001 issue of E-Business Strategist.

It Takes a Global Village (to Nurture International Trading Exchanges)

A Q&A with Julian Bond of Netmarkets Europe on dealing with barriers to international B2B Trading Exchanges.

Enticing Wireless Customers

A look at version 2.0 of Entice and how its WAP capabilities bring real time CRM to smaller enterprises.

Personalization at the Expense of the Personal

While searching for a personalized online banking experience, Marianne Cotter discovers the gap between e-personalization and the real thing.

Adding Intelligence to E-commerce

Business intelligence (BI) expert Todd Nash discusses strategies for integrating BI and e-business solutions.

And Technology to Serve Me

Columnist Marianne Cotter contends with her increasingly high expectations as an online consumer.

The Simple Life

An opinion piece pondering the meaning of the simplicity movement to the dot com world.

One on One with your Personal Shopper's customer service agents are called personal shoppers. Each agent has an extensive knowledge of the company's product line and is qualified and encouraged to assist customers in selecting styles, colors and combinations as well as advises on shipping and return policies.