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Creating Cost-Effective Call Centers in India

India's high population of English speakers and low land, personnel and resource costs are just some of the advantages that are causing many companies to establish their call centers on the subcontinent.

Consolidating CRM Resources

Web traffic data is starting to be integrated with call center systems to create a multichannel perspective of the customer. As these pieces fuse to a common interface, it allows unprecedented insight into real customer needs, interests and preferences.

Brand Management: Two Success Stories

Two packaged goods companies turn to CRM to attract and retain customers.

Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Brand

The consumer packaged goods industry turns to CRM to attract and retain customers.

Web Extra: Alaska-based Odom Covers the Territory with DSD Sales Management

ABSTRACT: In 1999, Alaska-based beverage distributor Odom launched an SFA project that put order entry, route information, store inventory tracking and survey capabilities in the hands of the company's direct salespeople by equipping the entire sales force with Fujitsu mobile terminals and Thinque's Sales Portfolio (SP) software.

Web Extra: Transora Tests the
CPG e-Marketplace

Late in 2000, Transora released positive results from two pilot procurement auctions. The pilots were held to test the infrastructure of the marketplace and to prove the theory that not only do auctions bring value, but also that Transora could support multiple auction platforms.

Web Extra: Once Upons A Time...

Planet U, based in San Francisco, Calif., offers an effective, online alternative to the wasteful couponing programs traditional mass media offer CPG manufacturers. By using the Web to better target and present coupons to consumers, Planet U can help deliver brick-and-mortar store purchases at a fraction of print promotion costs.

Online Surveys

It has never been easier to conduct online surveys. With just a credit card, companies such as Zoomerang from MarketTools and QuickTake from SanFrancisco-based Greenfield Online, allow anyone to conduct thorough customer surveys reviewing information such as customer satisfaction, brand awareness and market potential.

Using Invoices to Build Relationships

Marketers employ a long-underutilized touchpoint, the invoice, to communicate with customers and build better relationships.

Survey Says

New web-based technologies give companies speedy ways of understanding their customers' buying habits.

Putting PRM to the Test

Computer monitor manufacturer ViewSonic tested its Allegis partner relationship management (PRM) solution thoroughly before implementation to make sure it was prepared to handle the 7,000 channel partners the company relies on.

Open Immediately

Marketers employ a long-underutilized touchpoint to build customer relationships.

Architecting Speed to Market

Web-based product development applications increase speed to market and keep customers, marketers and product developers in sync.

Managing Call Volume

Predicting and accommodating fluctuations in those ringy-dingies continues to challenge call center managers.

The Well-accessorized Sales Manager

An examination of four products that help round out the new sales manager's toolkit.

New Measures of CRM Performance

Not all CRM investments show up directly on the bottom line. Intangibles like loyalty and satisfaction are hard to measure, but important to value.

Stand and Deliver

Verticals Hold the Keys to Effective CRM

The Sales Manager's Toolkit

Cutting-edge sales management support tools help carve out greater sales success.

Internet Sales Strategies

Two case studies that illustrate how to harness the Internet as a sales channel.

iStrategies for Sales Success

Traditional companies are finding that the Web offers new ways to cement customer relationships.

Connecting Customers

Lucent Technologies' presentation solution helps its customers make their sales.

Make Me a Sale, Fast as You Can

Kraft Foods' automated solutions offer intelligence on the quick.

Crossing the Pond: SFA Software Goes International

One sales automation vendor's experience on the world stage provides insight into the dynamics of the global market for CRM.

Death of the Call Center

Although the transition of the traditional call center to an interactive center is still very much in its infancy, few disagree that companies will eventually be forced to make the leap, if only to keep up with their competitors.