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UC Gets Green, IBM Gets Sci-Fi -- and Al Gore Materializes

VoiceCon 2008: Unified communications starts to expand its footprint -- by helping companies reduce their carbon footprint; IBM unveils a billion-dollar commitment to UC.

Avaya, Microsoft Ask If You See the Future in UC

VoiceCon 2008: In a pair of keynotes at this year's conference, Avaya and Microsoft executives lay out the future of unified communications.

Mobility's Killer App?

Nuance Conversations '07: Speech technology will be the key driver of Web innovation, according to a presenter -- primarily through natural language and its use in mobile search.

Coveo Wins Patent for Search Technology

New speech recognition approach converts audio into text to power searches of multimedia files.

Google Exec Outlines Speech Technology's Mobile Impact

The search giant's speech technology group manager explains at SpeechTEK 2007 how speech technology and mobile applications will help his company 'organize all the world's information.'