In Dating and Sales, Content Is King

Sales and dating have a lot in common. In both cases, you find yourself talking to someone you barely know as you try to show them how much you have to offer. You have to be interesting and up to date on the latest trends and understand what the other person wants and needs. It also doesn't hurt to be on top of your ROI analysis, although I don't suspect you'll be asked upfront about your finances on the first date.

So, what's the secret to sealing the deal and making a great impression? Content. It's what helps you stand out, stay informed, and show value, whether you're on a date or in a sales meeting.

For years, marketing teams have recognized this and supplied sales teams with the content they need to impress prospects. Yet while marketing has worked hard to create content, the American Marketing Association estimates that only 10 percent of sales collateral is actually used by sales teams. While available sales content sits unused and unnoticed, sales teams spend an estimated 30 hours per month searching for the right content and creating new collateral, duplicating efforts and reducing efficiency.

When it comes to tracking customer and prospect interactions, CRM tools get the job done and get it done well. But when it comes to arming sales teams with the right content on the go, they need help. When reps can't locate pertinent information, not only do they appear disorganized and ill prepared, but they also lose the attention of their customers and prospects.

What can marketers do to make sure their content is getting into the hands of salespeople rather than sitting forgotten in CRM systems?

Be approachable. First impressions matter. Chances are if you pick up your date in a Benz, you're off to a better start than someone who rides up on a Schwinn cruiser. To hit it off, you must appear enticing, and so must your content. Today's marketing teams must entice sales reps to use their collateral by making it easily accessible and available at all times from any location. If reps know there is one place to retrieve the most relevant content, wherever and whenever it is needed, they are more likely to use it.

Come prepared. Impress your date and your prospects by being up to date on the latest trends. Sales reps need to deliver content that is on-message and on-brand. If they are able to access content that is automatically updated to reflect the latest changes in the market and company messaging, they can catch customers' attention by sharing the information that is most valuable to them.

Social media has created the perfect opportunity for gathering insights not only into potential flings, but also prospects. Having visibility into what they share on Twitter and Facebook gives sales reps, as well as admirers, an idea of what their prospects, romantic or otherwise, like, dislike, and find worth sharing. More specifically, social media 

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