Brand Marketers Have More Mobile Engagement Choices with New Scanlife Platform

Marketers who log in to their Scanlife Mobile Engagement Platform will see changes that dramatically increase their capabilities and save them time and money as well. Scanbuy's product allows marketers to create dynamic links from mobile triggers such as QR codes or near-field communications (NFC) that can be changed or customized without having to create a new code and re-sticker a retail location.

The updates allow users to create mobile sites without turning to developers, instead using a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create a mobile site. They'll also have access to enhanced analytics and will be able to set up more complex rules that will redirect users based on more than 40 pieces of information, including time of day and their phones' settings.

When consumers scan QR codes or tap an NFC device, it's considered "pull" marketing, and Scanbuy is seeing plenty of consumer interactions. "We're still seeing enormous growth of mobile engagement overall," says Mike Wehrs, president and CEO of Scanbuy. "We processed 90 million engagements last year."

Users of the Scanlife Mobile Engagement Platform will notice three main differences to the platform:

Mobile Web Site Builder. In order to create mobile sites, many marketers have to turn to expensive and time-consuming development teams. Scanbuy hopes some of its brands will avoid that process by using the mobile Web Site Builder, which has drag-and-drop features that require no coding skills. The Mobile Web Site Builder has 20 templates and supports embedded YouTube videos and Google Maps.

Expanded options to redirect consumers. When a consumer scans a QR code of a Scanlife customer, the customer receives different content based on more than 40 pieces of information picked up during the scan, including operating system, time of day, frequency of use, and location information. Before this update, users could only send scanners to different sites based on one piece of information. Now, marketers can set up rules that allow for more complex filtering of customer information. One Scanlife customer, a coffee chain, sends different messages to customers by taking into account time of day and how many visits they've made. A new customer coming in before noon will receive a different offer than a frequent customer stopping in in the afternoon.

New mobile triggers. Instead of just redirecting to a mobile site, scanning a QR code can create a calendar invite, plug in a phone number, send an email or text, or display a contest winner notification.

Marketers will also enjoy richer analytic capabilities with Scanbuy's mVision Insights tool, which launched in November. "We are now layering on over twenty additional high-end BI layers with the system," Wehrs notes. Marketers can see their best-performing codes, when most are scanned, and regional variations. They can also compare different time frames and get closer to seeing the lifetime value of a customer. "That's the kind of stuff the CMO want to be thinking about," Wehrs says. That data can be matched with other customer databases, although that's currently limited to select marketers. "Our best customers are tying it into their CRM," Wehrs says. "It adds tremendous value."

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