• February 14, 2014

Cirrus Insight Brings RingLead’s Email Signature Contact Capture to Gmail

Cirrus Insight has partnered with RingLead to bring its new email signature Contact Capture to Gmail. Now Cirrus Insight will automatically scan and import contact details from email messages, allowing users to create new leads and contacts in Salesforce right from their inboxes.

"By partnering with RingLead, we've automated the entire process of creating leads and contacts from Gmail in Salesforce. Now when you click to add a lead or a contact we will scan the email, identify the signature, and automatically add all of the contact information to the appropriate fields. Creating new leads and contacts in Salesforce is as simple as a button click, and it comes at no additional cost to our users," said Jason Hubbard, vice president of marketing at Cirrus Insight, in a statement.

"At RingLead we couldn't be more excited about partnering with Cirrus Insight. Extending this technology to the inbox is a game changer for users of Salesforce, Gmail, and Cirrus Insight  The creation of new leads and contacts becomes a simple button click; saving minutes on each use and hours in each week. Additionally, key information from email signatures, like their Web site that a person might not harvest, will be added to Salesforce, adding valuable data to the enterprise. I will be using it myself every day," said Donato Diorio, CEO of RingLead, in a statement.

Cirrus Insight also this week integrated Adobe Echosign, a digital signature solution for the Salesforce platform, with Gmail. Now Cirrus Insight and Echosign customers can send contracts for signature without leaving their inboxes.

"The whole reason for the existence of Cirrus Insight is to streamline workflows and make people's lives easier so that they can focus on selling and close more deals faster. That's why working with Echosign to bring their digital signature solution to Gmail was such a perfect fit. Now sending documents out for signature is as simple as the click of a button from Gmail," Hubbard said.

The company also this week partnered with Internet Creations, makers of the Email to Case Premium app, to bring Salesforce case management apps to Gmail, enabling organizations to monitor case response times via color coded flags.

The app offers features like Take Ownership for Cases, Change Case Ownership, and Case Flags. Color-coded flags keep track of how long each case has been in the system. Managers can also create custom buttons to assign cases to current owners' managers, assign to the accounts' owners, or escalate to the next level support queues. Support will see their click counts reduced from five to one, as Take Ownership for Cases adds a button to take control of cases.

"We are a solution for an entire organization, not just for salespeople. We take pride in being just as effective of a solution for support roles. This is why partnering with Internet Creations was such a perfect fit for us. By integrating Internet Creations support solutions into Gmail we make it that much easier to keep track of and manage cases as they come into the system," Hubbard said.

"Deciding to partner with Cirrus Insight and bring our case management solutions to Gmail was a no-brainer," said Anthony Pica, director of marketing at Internet Creations, in a statement. "Organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 100s to small boutiques, already use our Salesforce apps to accelerate service and empower their users to do more in fewer clicks. By partnering with Cirrus Insight, Internet Creations is able to bring the efficiency of our case management solutions to where service and support users already spend some of their time--inside Gmail."

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