Salesformics Launches Public Beta of Sales and Marketing Automation Solution

Salesformics today released its sales and marketing automation product in public beta.

Geared toward small businesses, Salesformics aims for a clean, intuitive design that will minimize training and speed up adoption. The cornerstone of that idea is a search-based interface called the GX Box. Instead of a complex interface with buttons for every need, users type "Add Contact" into the GX Box search bar. They can also search for help, contact names, and more with the GX Box, which has an auto-complete format similar to Google.

The marketing automation side will let people set up actions that are triggered by events, from a new person signing up to weather-based cues. Managers can also set up dashboards to view total sales, for example. Responsive design makes these dashboards tablet-friendly.

"The way you interact with Salesformics is different than any other CRM I've used," says Salesformics Head of Product Stewart Rogers. "Pretty much all the solutions out there have been designed with a similar design logic in mind. All of them have little boxes, tabs, shortcuts all over the screen. It can get quite confusing, especially for salespeople."

Salesformics will cost $79 to $99 per user per month. That's on a par with some sales automation tools, but far less than most comparable marketing automation tools, according to Rogers, who hasn't seen any solution under $1,000, and pegs the average cost at around $2,000 per user. "To increase your revenue at that cost, it has to be a pretty serious increase," Rogers states. "Everyone who is doing CRM/marketing automation out there is doing a great job, but the small business community hasn't been serviced properly, especially in marketing automation—yet."

Salesformics' design aims to make training faster for businesses that can't afford the time or money to take people out of the office to learn how to use the product. People will learn how to use Salesformics by watching videos or through self-service help. "We're sitting at the polar opposite of all the CRMs out there that need a two- or four-day training course or certification to use them. We don't want that," Rogers asserts.

There won't be integrators, either. "I don't think you'll ever find an organization that sets itself up as a Salesformics consulting business," he declares. "The idea is that you and your team can get up and running in fifteen minutes. That's how it should be for a small business."

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