• June 6, 2013

Verint Launches New Business Impact Solutions for Regulatory Compliance

Verint Systems  today introduced its Regulatory Compliance solutions. 

Verint’s new Regulatory Compliance solutions represent the latest addition to its series of Business Impact Solutions, which include Call Avoidance, Cost-to-Serve, Service Recovery, and Personalized Guidance, all launched earlier this year. These Business Impact Solutions draw on the company’s workforce optimization and voice of the customer analytics technology to record customer interactions across communication channels, analyze them to identify potential compliance violations, categorize complaints, and take action to resolve them in a timely manner before potential escalations or fines. 

The new Regulatory Compliance Business Impact Solutions include benefits designed to address:

  • Complaint Detection and Analysis: The Verint Complaint Detection and Analysis solution is designed to help mitigate the risk of compliance violations by monitoring customer complaints using Verint Voice of the Customer (VoC) Analytics. Users can create categories in the software for regulatory and other compliance topics to identify interactions or customer feedback for further analysis. In addition to serving as an early-warning system to uncover possible indications of deception, fraud, and unfair business practices, the solution can flag interactions that pose a regulatory risk for analysis and corrective action through its VoC and Desktop and Process Analytics capabilities. 
  • Contact Center and Retail Branch Regulatory Compliance: The Verint Contact Center and Retail Branch Regulatory Compliance solution is designed to help organizations complete a variety of tasks, such as complying with government requirements to record interactions with customers across multiple channels with Verint’s Recording solutions; tagging interactions with specific data to retrieve and analyze interactions and transactions through Desktop and Process Analytics; and identifying interactions that require immediate guidance so infractions and violations can be addressed in a timely manner. 

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