• December 17, 2012

Verint Adds to Impact 360

Verint Systems today announced enhancements to its Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite, including enhanced workflows that provide contact center staff with access to critical customer information that requires immediate action.

Verint's workforce optimization (WFO) suite provides deep business process integrations that facilitate the rapid and seamless exchange of information, using analytics and real-time alerting and notifications across the platform. 

Verint's Impact 360 Workforce Optimization software facilitates an understanding of root cause, through the following enhancements"

  • One-click access to relevant customer interactions. Frontline supervisors and managers can benefit from one-click access to the most relevant recorded interactions from employee scorecards, and can then assign coaching and e-learning as needed. This helps to identify agents that are negatively impacting a customer satisfaction key performance indicator (KPI) and provide development opportunities to improve agent performance.
  • Instant replay of agent interactions. The timeline report in Verint's Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics solution displays recorded interactions, providing context to help understand the root cause of employee desktop behavior. By replaying the relevant interactions, managers and supervisors can get a complete picture of what users are doing to pinpoint anomalous behavior.  
  • Visual cues from recorded calls. With a transcript that provides visual identification of words and categories used throughout a customer interaction, call evaluators can quickly navigate to relevant parts without having to listen to the entire conversation.
  • Segmentation and interaction targeting. Users can analyze customer interactions based on customer and/or business segmentation that have been pre-defined to easily categorize calls based on issues important to the organization-such as customer type, customer lifetime value, product or services used and/or survey response scores.
  • Insight to process failures. Analysts can determine where the actual execution of a process is failing or perhaps reaching sub-optimal status. This can help organizations identify the correct measures of performance and put metrics in place that drive success at the overall operation level, as well as help ensure the optimal customer experience.  

Businesses can uncover valuable, previously undiscovered information by using Impact 360 to investigate real-time alerts and notifications. Among the supporting enhancements and specific features are the following:

  • User-defined alerting. Based on user-defined rules, an alert is triggered to notify designated users that a contact or an evaluation was added or removed from a flagged workflow folder requiring their attention. 
  • KPI-driven alerting. When a KPI falls below an acceptable threshold, an alert is triggered to notify designated users that action is required.  
  • KPI-driven coaching. When an employee's performance KPI falls below an unacceptable level, an "out of range alert" is triggered and a coaching session is automatically scheduled for the employee via the software's workforce management scheduling capability. 
  • Speech-triggered alertingWhen a specific word or phrase is detected in a customer interaction, an alert is triggered and the designated employees are notified. This real-time response provides an opportunity to identify issues and create workflows to immediately address the issues that impact customer satisfaction before more customers are impacted.

"The future of workforce optimization requires advanced analytical tools, along with software unification through alerts and notifications, to meet the growing demands faced by today's enterprises," explains Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager of strategic operations at Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions, in a statement. "With Impact 360, users have a solution that enables them to gain an unprecedented enterprise view of workforce performance by leveraging a unified WFO suite to streamline processes, uncover opportunities and enhance service, sales and satisfaction. The playing field is once again evolving with Impact 360's customer-centric WFO capabilities, and our forward-thinking customers are leading the way."

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