AdAdvisor Launches ConsumerReach for Display Ads

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AdAdvisor, a subsidiary of audience targeting solutions provider Neustar, unveiled today ConsumerReach, an attribute-matching service that lets marketers combine their offline customer and prospect data with Neustar Information Services' consumer data to provide more relevant and targeted digital advertisements. 

Aimed at large consumer brands, ConsumerReach is designed to help companies offer relevant messages to their best customers via online display advertising platforms to retain, up-sell, and reinforce awareness about their products and services. ConsumerReach also offers post campaign analyses to help companies further fine-tune their ads.  

Clients can either send a list of "pre-segmented customers" (e.g., big screen TV purchasers), or they can send selected attributes about their customers, such as items purchased or the dollar amount spent within six months, explains David Helmreich, vice president of business development at AdAdvisor.

ConsumerReach then syncs the advertiser's offline data with aggregated consumer data on digital media platforms to enable the advertiser to run targeted campaigns tailored towards their customers.  

"Large consumer brands recognize the importance of using their customer relationship management data to effectively market to their most receptive customers in the digital space," Helmreich notes. "Ultimately, brands can focus their media spend and creative strategies on the specific audiences that have an existing affinity for their brand, thereby driving down media costs and increasing online conversions." 

AdAdvisor's data, according to Helmreich, is derived from Neustar Information Services' ElementOne segmentation and analytics platform.  ElementOne creates large clusters of U.S. households (called "elements") that have similar demographic characteristics, such as home ownership, presence of children, age of head of household, income range and cost of living. 

These elements are then placed into larger groups based on the likelihood of each element to fit a desired audience target, such as "households likely to eat frozen dinner entrees."  "If a brand advertiser wants to grow their market penetration and awareness for an existing or new consumable good, we can identify groups of households that are more likely to exhibit that behavior," Helmreich says.

Companies that use aggregate consumer data to help brands decide how to allocate their advertising dollars have been coming under increasing scrutiny by privacy advocates who say more transparency is needed in terms of how brands use the data.

AdAdvisor and ConsumerReach do not reveal individual consumer data, according to Helmreich. AdAdvisor, for example, does not integrate directly with CRM systems. Instead it includes "a safe haven than enables enterprise marketers to host their data assets, models and attributes within our infrastructure and leverage those attributes where necessary without compromising data integrity or privacy," he maintains.  

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