• September 24, 2012

Cortera Expands B2B Purchase Insights Solutions

Cortera, a provider of comprehensive business-to-business payment and purchase data and insights for U.S. companies, has expanded its B2B Purchase Insights solution with its new Cortera Flash Report and Cortera Sales Report, which charge organizations only for the key information they need on their customers, prospects and suppliers.

The 75-cent Flash Report provides companies with a summary of their customers', prospects' and suppliers' purchase behavior, how they pay, their risk profile, other information that could identify risks to existing revenue as well as growth clues and insights that suggest a business is growing.

The $2.50 Sales Report provides sales executives with the summary information contained in the Flash Report as well as detailed information regarding what they purchase and how their purchase behavior changes over time. The Sales Report also includes corporate demographic information, recent news, and the company's corporate structure, which identifies cross-sell opportunities and sales territory management intelligence.

In addition to the new Flash and Sales Reports, Cortera's portfolio of B2B Insight Reports includes the $2.50 Cortera Risk Report and $4 Deep Dive Report. The Risk Report provides credit and finance executives with the tailored information and insights they need to understand the risk profile of a current or prospective customer while the comprehensive Deep Dive Report provides virtually everything most sales, marketing, finance and credit professionals would ever want to know about a customer or prospect.

"Cortera provides our high-value B2B Purchase data, insights and sales intelligence in a variety of intuitive, low-cost reports," said Jim Swift, CEO of Cortera, in a statement.  "We are enabling companies of all shapes and sizes to cost-effectively access relevant information they need to efficiently retain existing customers, find new ones and maximize revenue from both."

Cortera B2B Purchase Insights is also accessed via Cortera Pulse, a solution for monitoring the financial health of a business, appended in batch processing via Cortera Data Boost or uploaded directly to CRM, ERP and other systems via Cortera Connect, the company's system-to-system API.

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