• August 20, 2012

Radish Systems Releases ChoiceView Visual IVR API

Radish Systems, a provider of voice data mobility solutions for customer service, last week released the ChoiceView REST API for Visual IVR to transform traditional interactive voice response (IVR) systems from many vendors into next-generation visual IVRs that work with any network, any phone, and most mobile devices. 

With a true visual IVR, customers instantly see menus while hearing information, tap choices on their smart devices, rapidly move through screens in much less time than it takes to speak the options, and receive visual and voice responses. Visual IVRs powered by ChoiceView cut call time and costs, by more than half in most situations, increase understanding by 50 percent or more, and improve mobile user satisfaction and engagement.

"Radish Systems' ChoiceView mobile platform and applications offer contact centers additional options to service their customers and provide innovative ways for clients to interact through live visual communications," said Monica Tarr, SPS contact center consulting practice director, in a statement. "Visual IVR provides a unique experience for smartphone users and maps caller behavior to business processes."

The ChoiceView API solution transforms an IVR into a true, full-function Visual IVR that Integrates with live assistance, current IVR and business processes rather than just coded screens delivered via a mobile app that's separated from the voice call. 

"ChoiceView provides a new communication channel for IVRs, allowing visual menus and visual response as well as data and photo input. Our solution allows an existing IVR to become visually-enabled with a script change only. It doesn't affect the IVR's call processing or hardware, and mobile users simply call an IVR in the usual way to begin." Richard Davis CTO Radish Systems LLC. 

The ChoiceView REST API for visual IVRs is available now for free development and testing purposes. Mobile users access ChoiceView-enabled visual IVRs with the ChoiceView Mobile App that's available for free at the iOS and Android App Stores. It works out of the box with any ChoiceView-equipped business. An SDK is also available so ChoiceView capabilities can be wrapped into any current iOS mobile application.

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