• April 26, 2012

Badgeville Announces Gamification Frameworks

Badgeville today released its Gamification Frameworks, a collection of prescriptive, turnkey gamification solutions to enable rapid deployment and successful engagement across customer and employee audiences.

Badgeville's Gamification Frameworks include these six turnkey approaches:

  • Core Gamification: This framework, designed for customer-facing programs, enables businesses to apply game mechanics in user experiences that focus on individual experiences that are not inherently social. The focus of these programs is to drive specific individual behaviors, such as sharing links to content, liking products, and completing multiple steps of a transaction process.
  • Community Expert: This framework, which can be layered on top of leading community platforms such as Bazaarvoice, Lithium, Jive, Drupal's Acquia, Get Satisfaction, and more, is designed for user experiences where individual contributions increase the overall value of the site. This framework enables everyone in the community to choose specializations and earn status in distinct topics, helping experts and advocates establish reputation in the community.
  • Competitive Pyramid: This framework is designed to amplify the competition of naturally competitive customer-facing programs. It is intended for programs in which users are already competing to showcase their skill and smarts. This program increases the dimensions of competition; from skill-testing challenges, through categorical domination, up to site-wide supremacy.
  • Gentle Guide: This framework, which can be used in customer-facing and employee-facing experiences, is designed for user experiences that require guidance through a series of predefined steps. Gentle Guide creates an incentive program to encourage efficient completion of processes and compliance within an individual user experience.
  • Company Collaborator: This framework is designed to increase adoption of social enterprise technologies, with integration into community software such as Yammer, Jive, IBM Connections, Salesforce.com, and more. Company Collaborator rewards employees with valuable status and reputation. This increases the quality and quantity of contributions in business communities as diverse as employee forums to developer communities to partners in private and public enterprise communities.
  • Company Challenge: This framework is designed to drive employee behavior by creating a fun competition among employees in relevant departments, such as sales, support, and IT. With Company Challenge, staff members can compete individually and in teams for various behaviors tracked in internal business programs, such as Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, and other leading CRM systems, and support desk software, such as Zendesk.

"Frameworks have slashed our customer deployment cycles from months to weeks and dramatically enhanced each customer's real business results," said Kris Duggan, CEO of Badgeville, in a statement. "As the gamification market matures, business leaders expect gamification providers to supply expertise tying together game design, psychology, and science to drive behavior, not just the technology alone. We've taken what we've learned from over 150 major deployments to package those learnings into these proprietary frameworks and are now making them available to all world-class companies."

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