Clickable Rolls Out New Widget-Based Dashboard

Clickable, a digital advertising intelligence platform provider, recently unveiled its Widget-Based Reporting Dashboard, which visually captures and displays search and social marketing data. The Dashboard makes it easier for marketers to track and modify campaigns across Facebook, Google, and Bing. Other networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Foursquare will be included as well.

The Dashboard is currently available in the third generation of the New York-based company's advertising intelligence platform, Clickable 3 beta.

The system layers data analysis onto Clickable's ad management and creation tools. It also enables future data integration of additional channels across social, search, and video, as well as proprietary customer data sources.

Users now have interactive windows to assess ad and content performance and determine how to amplify that content across marketing channels like Facebook. A drag-and-drop functionality provides customers with a simple way to manage and view their entire online marketing effort.

The widgets include a goal performance widget to track campaign performance against customizable conversion goals; a widget to highlight top performing keywords, ads, and campaigns and those that require immediate attention; and a budget widget. Custom widgets let users create graphs and data tables that consolidate details across their search and social media accounts.

The Widget-Based Reporting Dashboard represents the first phase of the Clickable 3 rollout. The Dashboard will soon incorporate real-time Facebook Page Insights metrics as well as enhanced widget reporting. The platform will also include other major social and video channels.

"Understanding complex data sets is quickly becoming a competitive advantage for digital advertisers and agencies," commented David Kidder, CEO of Clickable, in a statement. "Our reporting dashboard consolidates multiple big data sets for them, with real-time customizable views, so they can move beyond metrics to act on data quickly and efficiently."

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