iGoDigital Rolls Out Segment Builder

iGoDigital, a provider of guided selling and product recommendtion solutions, has beefed up its product recommendations platform with the debut of iGoDigital Segment Builder. The new tool allows marketers to use email, social, behavioral, and demographic data to create laser-focused campaigns.

"If you think about an e-commerce retailer, [whose] average conversion rate is 3 percent, 97 percent of people who visit [the site] will never make it into a traditional segmentation tool," explains Eric Tobias, president of iGoDigital. "Our tool allows you to go in and see all the people who have viewed a certain product or certain category."

Retailers encounter "a massive amount of click data" on their e-commerce sites, including traditional layers of data like a customer's state, zip code, household income, and gender. The Segment Builder adds elements like social behavioral data to the mix.

"Segment Builder enables marketers to connect these Big Data points to create personalized, highly targeted marketing campaigns that can drastically change a company's merchandising strategy—in real time," commented Sue Aldrich, senior consultant and analyst at Patricia Seybold Group, in a statement.

Using iGoDigital's Customer Intelligence Engine, customer segments can be tailored to a specific product, past purchase behavior, or events. Marketers can create personalized messages using the retailer's existing email service provider, which can include product recommendations through iGoDigital.

"[Retailers are] making their communication more relevant and they're reducing the amount of noise that their email marketing campaign may have [in order] to reach the right consumer at the right time," Tobias says.

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